Can I take apart my AK-47 and reassemble with your receiver?

Yes, you can de-mill your current rifle and complete a few simple modifications to add the DX-7 upper and lower receiver. See required modifications.

Are military contracts possible?

We believe that the DX-7 receiver has greatly improved the AK-47, and it’s our hope that the industry appreciates the capability of the design. Stock piles of AK-47s can be converted to a modern day small arm.

How much reliability testing has been done?

One of our DX-7 has over 8000 rounds through it and that number is constantly increasing. We have tested in dirt, mud, sand, water, ice and we’ve found this gun to be as effective as the original AK platform.  A 3d printed DX-7 receiver fired 397 rounds before it failed, illustrating how well engineered the billet receiver is.

Will other calibers be available?

If the demand is high enough we will work on different caliber options. Possible calibers include 5.56, 300 Blackout and pistol calibers

Will a right-sided charging receiver be an option?

We are not currently developing any provisions for right side charging.